Somewhere in the middle

I no longer feel how that guy looks (see picture above) After a flooded house, hundreds of miles driven in a giant circle and a huge life altering blister on my toe I’ve had time to rest and get some very important things taken care of! Now I hope I remember what phase two was……

Jason B.

Quarters and Tokens! Death of the Arcade

Whatever happened to the great American arcade? Where did the good old days go? That time way back when a quarter had value, it had meaning. That meaning was a credit, a glorious single credit. Back in those days that’s all it cost, one quarter. Continue reading


So it’s been on my brain for a few days now just eating away at that area that makes the comparisons. Hour after hour, minute after minute my mind has been spinning trying to figure it out. What would be worse, being invaded by aliens or having a zombie apocalypse? You’re probably thinking what kind of idiotic question is that? Is this moron serious? I know it sounds farfetched or maybe even plain ol’ dumb, but bare with me here. Let’s analyze the facts here. Continue reading

Battle for supremency!

 So just moments ago I was reminded of the time my son was taken by his boo boo (A/K/A/ grandma) to his girlfriend’s house to see her. But when he went upstairs and peered from her bedroom window a wild site was bestowed upon him….. He witnessed a BEAR fighting a GORILLA. Well in the middle of this awesome battle he looked over only to realize a giant LOBSTER was approaching! Oh the horror! Well as luck has it the bear and the gorilla teamed up to defeat the lobster and save him and his girlfriend!

 Oh how great it is to be four years old. There’s nothing that’s impossible and the sky’s the limit, or at least whatever your young mind can imagine. Sometimes I miss being a kid and the things that came along with it. Try telling that story at work and be dead serious, I’m pretty sure it won’t go over to well. When your four it’s cute, when your forty….. Well it’s just plain ol’ crazy.

By Jason Burum

Rocket science made easy

   So a few weeks back me and my son took a little journey to the local corner store to pick up the usual suspects to accommodate our gourmet lunch (grilled cheese sandwiches). The owner of the store just happens to be Muslim so throughout the day he has to pray. Well that day we showed up he was inside screen door locked doing his thing. If any of you know any Muslims you know that during prayer nothing is a distraction. Nope not even that guy banging on your screen doing yelling as loud as possible because his need for a blunt wrap is more important than your beliefs!  During our wait outside we were accompanied by one of the neighborhood dealers a young Asian guy that lives a few houses away. As we stand and wait in that summer heat he turns to me and says “Is it hard?”

 I was confused, I had no clue what he was asking at first. So I asked “Is what hard?”

 “Being a father” I asked him if he was expecting and he was. He said his girlfriend was about eight weeks along and that at first he was excited but now he’s kind of scared. He said how selling weed isn’t profitable enough to take care of his family and how he didn’t want for his kid to grow up out here on the streets. That right there told me he genuinely waned something better for his child than the life he’s led up to this point.

 But the question at hand was “Is being a father hard?”

 I told him “It is what you make it” The honest truth is being a father isn’t as hard as it is challenging. It’s about having patience as much as it is about having love and compassion for your children. To me it’s not about buying love, it’s about developing it. Kids are sponges and they’re going to absorb the things you teach them. I’ve seen kid’s potty trained at sixteen months and I’ve seen kid’s five years old in diapers. It’s about the time you put in and the things you teach them, involvement is the number one thing in a child’s development. Personally all I want for my kids are for them to grow up to be good people. I don’t expect them to graduate from Harvard or become a baseball star or even the president. My expectations are nothing more than for them to grow up to genuine whole hearted good people.  There are people out there that feel having a child is nothing more than a huge inconvenience to they’re way of life and never do more than the bare minimum to keep that child alive and nothing more. But to people like the guy I talked with at the store it’s a blessing. It’s a new start to a new life, being able to change the negative into positive and do things you wouldn’t have followed through with before.

 Our children are the future of our existence. Just because you have a million dollars and I only have eighty cents doesn’t make you better than me, it just makes you different. If my son our daughter grow up to teach that lesson to their kid’s my job as a father will have been fully realized! The challenge of being a parent is amazing, just when I want to scream one of my kid’s does something to make me smile.

                                           By Jason Burum

Just do it!

How many times have you ever wondered what it would have been like? How many times have you pondered the choice you didn’t make? How many have you wanted to kick yourself square in the ass for saying no to what you’ve always wanted to do because you were too scared to say yes? The decisions we make, make the life we live and sometimes the life we live isn’t what makes us happy. Me personally I’ve learned this lesson over and over, but I’ve also taken chances that didn’t work out. 

 I think too many people out there have had it instilled in them that college and a six figure corporate job is the only way to go. That everything else is just a silly dream that can’t support a real life. Security often seems to be held above happiness in society. That’s one value I have no intention on teaching my children. Forget a mansion and a yacht, hey I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice. If what makes me happy puts me at that status level one day then I’ll take it, but I’m not going to exhaust myself doing a job that I hate to get there. 

 Sometimes you got to say screw it and just walk into the danger zone. What’s the worst that could happen? It doesn’t work out, big deal. I always feel better knowing it wasn’t for me rather than always wondering if it could have been. How many people do you think were told being a musician was a joke for a career? How many professional wrestlers were told that they’d never amount to anything? How many people who had a dream were told it was stupid so they never followed through? 

 Failure can be a hard pill to swallow, but regret will eat at you forever. Sometimes you have to throw caution in the wind and slap comfort in the face in order to be happy. If what you hate pays the bills and then some but what you love just pays the bills…… Why not pay the bills and smile? Life’s too short to not enjoy yourself, you only got one so make it count!


                                                                              By Jason Burum