Garage sale band

If any of you reading this have ever been to the flea market or a garage sale you understand the importance of being a master haggler! It’s the thrill of getting to buy something they wanted three bucks for at the low low price of seventy five cents. Purchasing those pair of slightly never ever worn pumas for only ten bucks or getting the entire tales from the crypt collection unwrapped on DVD for forty dollars. I once purchased a original framed UFC Shamrock vs. Severn poster along with a framed collection that included a news paper article, two tickets and fighter credentials from a local San Jose fighter all for only $10!

Well Saturday my four year old son made his first pass at becoming a bargain basement haggler. Under the watchful eye of my sister he was sent into battle to negotiate the cost of rock band for playstation 3. It was the game itself along with drums, drumsticks, a mic, a guitar and all the necessary cords to rock out! After who knows what (I was at work) my son was now the proud owner of rock band for the low price of $15. How did I find all this out you ask? Well I received a phone call from my mother letting me know my son had just done all his own dealing at a garage sale and bought rock band. And that I owe her fifteen bucks.

Well thanks to my sons charm and awesome communicational skills, me, my daughter, my son and my girlfriend can now start our digital band!

By Jason Burum


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