Back in the day


So its been over two years since the last time I had a hit up. Well to my delight…. Ok what I really mean is to my surprise that little piece of my history is still going strong!

Still here!

Just a picture less update for all you readers! I have a story being published in the upcoming issue of Dark Moon Digest! I also am working on two books and still making an attempt to get articles published in random places!

Let’s recap…… No i’m not dead and yes i’m still writing nonsense!

That is all, Jason Burum

Long ago

So I feel as if I’ve neglected my readers enough around these parts! I vow to get back to entertaining you full time or at least in a bi weekly manner (fingers crossed). Also in the coming weeks I will be launching a food blog catering toward the monstrosities of fast food. All the menu items that your favorite burger joints and hot dog stands knew were amazing but didn’t have the balls to put on the menu due to there calorie counts alone!

Thanks for the continued support from all 6 of my loyal readers!

Sincerely, Me….