SF2 the home warrior

Like so many others of my generation Street Fighter 2 was the official passing of the guard in arcade gaming. Sure the original Street Fighter was a great game and something completely different than anything around at the time, but it didn’t have the impact that the sequel did. It didn’t have the frenzy and addiction behind it like part two did. Street Fighter 2 was the first game I personally remember entering a competition for. I drew the winner of the tournament in my first match, imagine that! I can say SF2 officially ruined my life but in a good way. It has had such an impact on my life that I’ve begun the developmental stages of building a self contained home system that will include over twenty versions of various Street Fighter arcade games built into a custom made system along with dual USB arcade sticks covered in original CPO artwork from various SF arcade cabinets.

It’s been roughly two weeks I’ve been tinkering with the software. The engine and the games are pretty much a done deal, I have a few more titles to go. I’m working on the selection menu and the hardware currently, which both are equally frustrating. The menu due to the fact I don’t understand the programming code at all. And the hardware due to the fact it cost money to purchase and I have none. I’m hoping to finish the first system by February. But between being a parent, being poor and life in general I highly doubt I’ll meet that loose deadline.

Updates to come!

Jason Burum

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