Misconception of value

There used to be a clear line between unwanted and worthless versus vintage and valuable. Nowadays that line is blurred beyond recognition, as a matter of fact it doesn’t even exist anymore. If it’s old nowadays it must be worth a fortune right? Well that’s where you’re absolutely and completely wrong! Between ebay, etsy and the variously crappy auction type reality shows every clown that has gone to a flea market once has become a seasoned antiques expert. They can instantly asses the value of that old junk %1,000,000 above its actual value! That broken lamp from the 70’s that you purchased at your neighbor’s garage sale last year is now worth $75 in its current condition. But wait if you can get that monstrously atrocious excuse for a light source working well that’s an easy $300 instantly fattening up your pocket based simply on the fact you once watched an American Pickers marathon! I personally congratulate you on your conversion of one man’s trash into another idiot’s treasure, well played sir.

What happened to the days of taking a trip to the flea market to invest your hard earned $1 on that old Godzilla figure that you would take home and throw on a shelf for the simple fact you liked it! Those days are long gone. They have been replaced with shitty attitudes and product overpricing. Hell even the second hand stores now have boutique areas that have pricing well above the rest of the store! I always thought commerce and greed would be tucked away at the local mall and in the corners of big box retailers, but I was wrong. Everyone’s looking to make money hand over fist in today’s society. Money is god and the more you have the happier you are. People seem to forget that when you have something everybody expects a piece, but when you’re broke you have nothing to give. Or at least that’s how it’s viewed. When your poor you have no expectations from anyone but the ones you put on yourself to be successful, but when you’re successful it’s never enough. The more you get, the more you want. The more you get the more they want!

I just want the glory days back when I could hit the swap meet or the thrift store with $20 and come home looking like a second hand millionaire!

May the greed be with you… Jason Burum

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