12 Creepy foreign flicks to watch

Here it is! My complete and comprehensive mind blowing list of 12 foreign Horror/Sci-Fi films you should watch… Right now! There’s a little bit of everything mixed in here from terrifying to suspenseful all the way down too campy and downright fun. I’ll be bringing you this list of awesomeness in three part, #12-9, #8-5 and #4-1. Now before I get started I know some people are going to moan and groan about the movies that are nowhere to be found. So let me address that before we go any further. Films like District 9, High Tension and Night Watch all had large U.S. theatrical distribution so most people are well aware of them and don’t need me to acknowledge their existence. Also I snubbed the Asian market due to the fact it already has a huge following in the states and nobody needs me to tell them about what they already know about. And besides it’s my list not yours, so shut up and watch these movies! Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you #12-9


12. Eden Log (2007 FRANCE)                                                             

First off Eden Log is at number 12 for a reason, it’s not for everyone. I enjoyed it but at the
same time can say it has a very specific audience. Between the tiny cast, the dark cinematography (The entire film is set underground) and having to read subtitles, Eden Log is definitely the least friendly film on this list. Just for clarification I’m not knocking it at all, I really liked it a lot. I just really feel its main appeal will be to the art house crowd. If Memento and Event Horizon had a baby then banished it deep into the earth and it grew up to go to Sundance… Well you’d have Eden Log!


11. Dead Snow (2009 NORWAY)                                                        

What’s better than zombie Nazis? Absolutely nothing! Can anyone explain to me why after all these years college aged groups of friends haven’t learned to not go to remote cabins for vacation? Seriously, how come? The bottom line here is Dead Snow loves the 80’s and in the vein of films like Oasis of the Zombies and Evil Dead 2 it delivers all the blood, guts and chainsaws you could ever need!  P.S. check your seriousness at the remote and get ready to have a few good laughs!



10. Mutants (2009 FRANCE)                                                               

Virus films can be hit or miss, good or bad. But sometimes virus films can be mistaken for a zombie film. Mutants is definitely a virus flick. The struggle to deal with widespread outbreak while trying to figure out a way to cure the infection is always tough. Now mix in a dash of protecting someone you love and a quarter cup of survival instinct and bake for 95 minutes and you have Mutants! If you like survival flicks like 28 Days Later or I Am Legend then check out Mutants.



9. Monsters (2010 UK)                                                                        

It sucks when aliens come to earth and we have to quarantine part of Mexico like a giant game preserve to keep humanity safe, hey it happens. Even worse is having to travel through that area on foot to get to the U.S. border in a timely manner. Monsters is an extremely character driven film in the same vein as District 9, the difference is Monsters was shot on a micro budget ($800,000). Don’t watch Monsters expecting to see the cast get picked off in the jungle one by one by predatory beasts. But do watch expecting to get fully invested in the two main characters.


For your viewing pleasure, Jason Burum


2 thoughts on “12 Creepy foreign flicks to watch

  1. Well, I’m looking forward to the remaining 8 more. Dead Snow’s comment gave me such a good laugh! These youngsters never learn, investigating strange noises, proving gallantry by walking alone in the dark. 🙂

    One question though, why the number 12 specifically? why not 10 or 5? Struck a little Creepy to me!

    • Thanks! I did 12 due to the fact i’m lazy and didn’t want to overload my brain, I have a tiny attention span! Honestly I wanted to break the piece into three parts and I felt four suggestions per piece was just right!

      Stay tuned!

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