Memoirs of a Squared Circle

So today while rummaging through boxes that me and my significant other have stuffed so generously into our son’s closet I came across something that took me back to days of my youth. Now what I was initially looking for were old theatre calendar’s for a piece I’m working on, but what I came across was a few old wrestling magazines along with my official idiots guide to professional wrestling! The book actually came from the tail end of my interest in the sport. My obsession with pro wrestling started sometime in the early 80’s. I couldn’t tell you exactly when, but I can say as long as I’ve had memory’s professional wrestling has been part of them. Thumbing through the magazines I found got me thinking, I’ve vested such a big chunk of my existence (20+ years) to pro wrestling why not speak on it? How can I not talk about the only sport in the world that is pre determined but still has the luxury of being called professional. So I would like to welcome you to tohored’s first continuously ongoing editorial, Memoirs of a squared circle! Just for clarification I’m not here to update you on all the new happenings in the sport but instead to keep you thoroughly entertained with the memory’s I long ago locked in the vaults of my decayed brain. Now I don’t know if my kids will ever spend constant Saturday nights sleeping at their best friend’s house just so they can stay up late and tape Saturday Night’s Main Event. But I can tell you I did and all that matters is that you, my faithful readers will get to hear all about it!

Jason Burum 2/1/12


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