Houston we have a problem…

So over the last 24 hours I’ve been subject endless times to the fact that Whitney Houston has passed away. I was actually first  informed of her death by the girl behind the counter at the chicken restaurant as me and my mother walked back through the door to pick up the food we had ordered ten minutes earlier.

“Oh my god, did you hear the news? Whitney Houston just died!” -Girl at the chicken restaurant

I had to hear about it on the radio during the car ride home. I had to see it on the T.V. when we got back to my mother’s house. And I had to read about it all over the web when I got on the internet, it seemed like every page I went to was talking about it. I can’t seem to get away from the death of Whitney Houston. Everyone is commenting on it, “It’s so sad I just couldn’t believe it” or “She was so young, it was such a surprise”. For me personally it wasn’t a travesty or unexpected and I definitely don’t feel bad or sad for her. To be honest with every single person reading this I’m personally surprised her or Bobby had made it this far. I understand if my words offended some of you but these are my feelings on the subject and if I have to read and hear everyone else’s opinion I’m definitely going to let you know mine. But just to make myself feel a little more justified let me drop a few little points on your thought process!

  •  First off the main thing anyone should be looking at is the fact that Whitney was and has been a multi millionaire for many years. Since the day she had a drug problem she also had more than the necessary tools to deal with her addictions. At the end of the day drug use is a choice and not a necessity. That was just who she was so why should I feel bad for her.
  •  I used to work in a record store in a wealthy area and we would get all types of people through our doors. We had a customer who made a living as a roadie for well know musicians, one of the people he had worked for at one point was Whitney Houston. He once told us a story about a show he worked, in between songs she a dressing area under the stage for her costume changes. Well apparently she had a tall round table with a glass top that she crunch somewhere around an ounce of blow into a massive pile so she could snort lines in between songs for the duration of the show.
  •  People only really care about her death because she was FAMOUS! Thousands of TALENTED people you never heard of die every day but I don’t see anybody posting “R.I.P Joe Schmoe, you were such an inspiration” on their Facebook walls… She gets no special recognition from me over the rest of the crack heads I see on a daily basis living in Oakland. A rich crack head is still a god damn crack head!

The bottom line is millions of people are mourning a person who if they caught that same person without that namesake digging in their trash they would snatch’em up and tell’em to get the hell of their property. Fame brings unwarranted compassion and love to many people on a daily basis that in all reality don’t deserve it. I’m not fooled one bit and you shouldn’t be either!

Jason Burum 2/12/12


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