Another step foward

So as of today I’ve taken another big step forward in the journey of realizing my ultimate goal. I took the steps to being published on two websites that have daily traffic in the millions and I got a gig with a site that covers local and regional MMA. Anybody that knows me knows how I feel about the sport of MMA, how can I not be excited to have the opportunity to cover something that I enjoy so much! Beyond that I started blogging over at SB nation recently in hopes to build a big enough resume to become a staff writer on one of their many MMA sites. So with that said I’ll be making a few changes here. Nothing that will change the format but something that will help expose my readers to more than just what I have to spout off here on my blog.

First I will be revamping the MMA side of sight. A lot of my writing concerning the sport tends to be done through other outlets so i’m going to end using it as almost exclusively a link section to all my MMA related work. I will still post blogs from time to time on there.

Second I will be adding a page with links to all my work outside of TOHO red to make sure my readers are kept up to date with all things me!

I just want to thank everyone who reads my work and supports what I do. If I didn’t have you guys letting me know you enjoy the things I write I wouldn’t have the motivation to keep writing!

Jason Burum


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