JR. bacon heat burger

So today I bring you the first post from the fast food gourmet. It is a new column consisting of alternate versions of your favorite cheap eats! It’s something that will be a permanent fixture here at TOHO red. All old recipes (if you can call them that) will be archived on a separate page for eternal access or at least until my blog shuts it’s doors. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you… The JR. Bacon Heat Burger!

First off your going to need a Wendy’s JR. bacon cheeseburger and 2 packets of Wendy’s chili seasoning as show below

Next you need to remove the upper bun and place it next to the lower half of the burger. Then gently rip the corner of of the first packet and apply the sauce to the upper bun. Next take the second packet and tear it open then pour it generously all over the burger itself as the second picture shows. 

Once you’ve completed the steps above there is only one thing left to do…. Take a big ass bite and savor the taste!

Enjoy! Jason Burum

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