I’m Back

It’s been five plus years since I’ve placed a single word onto these pages, so many changes and situations have occurred in my life during that span of sixty two months. Not all were positive or beneficial but they always taught me a little more about life than I already knew. I’ve packed up and moved on four separate occasions, not always under willing conditions or with my family intact. I completely walked away from covering a sport that I have absolutely loved from the moment I was introduced to it after a bad taste was left in my mouth by others actions. I started strong on my path to making a horror film but ultimately lost the battle due to all things, structure. I even made huge strides as a husband only to fall back into bad habits that paved a slow decline right back into the inability to make things work. I’ve also blown numerous opportunities as I’ve frequently and consistently done my entire life. But with all the bad that has gone on in those sixty two months I’ve grown a lot as a person and have improved not only my understanding of who I am but have grown as an intellectual and completed three pilots for three separate shows that I am very proud of regardless of the fact that I have neither the funds nor the means to film any of them. I’m still here and still doing my best to stay afloat even if it means I’m forced to breathe through a snorkel since I’m drowning in life. My life was never perfect and I’ve always been an aware enough person to know life is always going to be a struggle whether you’re a billionaire or living below the poverty line. There’s difficulty thrown at us from every angle at every moment in life but it’s about how you as an individual are going to thrive due to those difficulties. I’m going to continue on trying to make it until I’m not here to try anymore…

J. Burum

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