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I'm just hear to make random letters into entertaining words formed into much needed comicly absured sentences!

I’m Back

It’s been five plus years since I’ve placed a single word onto these pages, so many changes and situations have occurred in my life during that span of sixty two months. Not all were positive or beneficial but they always taught me a little more about life than I already knew. I’ve packed up and moved on four separate occasions, not always under willing conditions or with my family intact. I completely walked away from covering a sport that I have absolutely loved from the moment I was introduced to it after a bad taste was left in my mouth by others actions. I started strong on my path to making a horror film but ultimately lost the battle due to all things, structure. I even made huge Continue reading

Wrong Path

I’ve spent the last month walking the wrong path and now that I’ve stepped off that path i’m finding it very hard to walk to walk the right path. A little more than a month ago I was on point, all of my writing was on point and I was in it 100%. During that time I had a opportunity presented to me that at the time was great. Now that I look back on it I should have generously declined and continued forward on the path I was already on. Now don’t get me wrong it kept me busy on a daily basis and I was writing on a subject I enjoy, but it pulled me away from everything else I was doing and I took opportunity’s away from myself  because I chose to solely focus on what I was doing.

I ultimately ended up stepping away from the opportunity but not before I had lost all focus on everything else I was doing and now i’m finding it extremely hard t even want to write anymore. People always say you shouldn’t have regrets in life but when it comes to the last 5 weeks of my life I truly have regrets. I abandoned everything I had achieved to focus solely on this new thing only to know from the get go that I was never sure it was something I wanted to do. I’ve allowed myself to put myself in this spot and it’s only up to me to correct it.

I’m trying to regain my motivation and move forward but it’s hard. I’m going to bite down and try my hardest to get things back to where they were and not look back on this bump in the road.

Jason Burum

Too Long

It seems like it’s been a thousand years since I have written anything here! I’ve been so busy with a new project that I’ve neglected my loyal readers… Well if I can call you that? I promise I will have something new and hilarious for you to read shortly. Until then enjoy this picture of something only a moron would do!


Time fly’s!

So this last week has been extremely hectic for me. In the midst of everything I’ve had going on I left my loyal readers without any new reading materiel to balk at. I know all of you are so heartbroken that you’ve moped around in your PJ’s for the last week as acting as if your goldfish died. So without another moment wasted let me update you on what has transpired in the last six days of my life.



FRIDAY: I began my piece on Tu Tienda Azteca which I should have finished by the end of the week. Thanks Again Oscar!

SATURDAY: The p.m. hours saw me covering Bay Brawler Chapter 2:Revenge. Check out the coverage here!

SUNDAY: “Memory Missing”

MONDAY: Got the word to start a piece for Front Row Fights about the twitter beef between Jose Canseco and Shaquille O’Neal.

TUESDAY: Made a mad rush to finish the article due to Shaq speaking on the matter earlier in the day. Check it out here! Along with another MMA piece which should be seeing the light of day as your reading this.

WEDNESDAY: Updated all of you about the on goings of my so called life!

All of that on top of all the other various projects I’ve been constantly working on proved to be exhausting. Now if you don’t mind i’m going to go jump out a my second story now!

Jason Burum

For the love of…

So after only 4 days of existing my piece that basically just tells you to put hot sauce on a cheeseburger is only 15 views away from being my most viewed post of all time! You people are so fat!

But on a serious note thanks to everyone who reads the blog. I’m on the verge of a real accomplishment thanks to all the support I get. Without every single last one of my readers I wouldn’t be motivated to push forward. It’s been 8 months of solid straight through writing and the only compensation I’ve seen is $3.03 that I have no way of receiving and a PDF file of the book I was published in so nobody can say I don’t love what I do. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing!

Jason Burum

Tu Tienda Azteca

I want to thank Oscar over @Tu Tienda Azteca in Hayward for the interview today and my son would like to thank him for the Lucha score! If you love traditional Mexican art you really need to check them out! None of that made in china look a like crap, they only carry authentic items purchased directly from the source in Mexico. Click the link and enjoy!

Jason Burum

These are the BREAKS

Hip hop music has always had a way of getting into my head. Now what I’m talking about is the entire spectrum of hip hop itself. From gangster rap to the back packers and from those conscious rappers to the guys that speak strictly on money and bitches. Even the aspiring under grounders that always felt it necessary to roam Telegraph Avenue pedaling their bedroom produced four track masterpieces. I’ve always appreciated every aspect that the music had to offer whether it was the lyrics, the beats, the cuts over the breaks creating the perfect hook. Continue reading

Obsessed: A look at our obsession with redemption style arcade games

Everyone has been there at some point in their life. It becomes an obsession that you can’t seem to get a handle on. You do it over and over knowing the payoff is never going to be anywhere near what you’ve put into it. At times you feel as if you have some sort of out of control addiction and you ask yourself “Why do I keep putting myself through this?” with every cent you spend. I’m talking about redemption games at your local arcade. Whether you’re at the local mall, a family fun center or some big time amusement park the outcome is always the same. Continue reading

JR. bacon heat burger

So today I bring you the first post from the fast food gourmet. It is a new column consisting of alternate versions of your favorite cheap eats! It’s something that will be a permanent fixture here at TOHO red. All old recipes (if you can call them that) will be archived on a separate page for eternal access or at least until my blog shuts it’s doors. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you… The JR. Bacon Heat Burger! Continue reading

Hole in What?

This weekend was the official celebration of my daughters 7th birthday. I had discussed with her a few weeks back what she wanted to do. It was explained to her that this year we were on a budget (broke) and we wouldn’t be doing a big party. Well lucky for us she had zero issues not having a big party and decided she only needed two things to have a good birthday. The first was dinner at Olive Garden which was not an absolute if it hinders her chance at getting the second thing… Miniature Golf or Mini Golf as her and her brother so passionately refer to it. Well in the last week she had already made two trips to olive garden before she even made it to my house, one with her nana and the other with her auntie. I swear this kid must be some kind of con artist. Continue reading

Another step foward

So as of today I’ve taken another big step forward in the journey of realizing my ultimate goal. I took the steps to being published on two websites that have daily traffic in the millions and I got a gig with a site that covers local and regional MMA. Anybody that knows me knows how I feel about the sport of MMA, how can I not be excited to have the opportunity to cover something that I enjoy so much! Beyond that I started blogging over at SB nation recently in hopes to build a big enough resume to become a staff writer on one of their many MMA sites. So with that said I’ll be making a few changes here. Nothing that will change the format but something that will help expose my readers to more than just what I have to spout off here on my blog. Continue reading

Memoirs of a squared circle: 5 wrestling games of my youth

Now if you’ve read my blog or even just skimmed through the articles I’ve written then you absolutely know that video games are a big part of what I tend to write about. So it should be no surprise at all that they would eventually contaminate everything else this blog contains, not a single subject is safe for the infectious topic that is gaming. I did the best I could to bring you pro wrestling orientated stories that included absolutely zero button smashing! Well i’m sorry to inform you that  the games have invaded and MOASC waved that white flag in complete and total surrender. Continue reading

The death of delicious

Now let me start by reassuring you that your favorite stripper has not passed away but in fact I’m writing about the loss of my favorite liquor store treat. As a matter of fact I’m talking about the death of the best microwave burrito that the world had ever tasted, REL’S RED HOT BURRITO. Let me start at the beginning of my relationship with the delicious treat that was a red hot. I originally discovered the king of the liquor store lunch menu in 1988. Continue reading

Houston we have a problem…

So over the last 24 hours I’ve been subject endless times to the fact that Whitney Houston has passed away. I was actually first  informed of her death by the girl behind the counter at the chicken restaurant as me and my mother walked back through the door to pick up the food we had ordered ten minutes earlier. Continue reading


So today as I was doing research for a time traveling Hitler related story i’m writing for an alternative history anthology I came across something that really sparked my interest. Using the search terms “are ludwigsdorf and kecksburg pa on the same geographical line?” I found an article which had some info about “Die Glocke” which is what I was looking for, but it also had a reference to some film that was being released this year called “IRON SKY”. Continue reading