12 creepy foreign flicks to watch

Here it is! My complete and comprehensive mind blowing list of 12 foreign Horror/Sci-Fi films you should watch… Right now! There’s a little bit of everything mixed in here from terrifying to suspenseful all the way down too campy and downright fun. I’ll be bringing you this list of awesomeness in three part, #12-9, #8-5 and #4-1. Now before I get started I know some people are going to moan and groan about the movies that are nowhere to be found. So let me address that before we go any further. Films like District 9, High Tension and Night Watch all had large U.S. theatrical distribution so most people are well aware of them and don’t need me to acknowledge their existence. Also I snubbed the Asian market due to the fact it already has a huge following in the states and nobody needs me to tell them about what they already know about. And besides it’s my list not yours, so shut up and watch these movies! Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you #4-1


4. Timecrimes (2007 SPAIN)                                                             

Have you ever been chased through the woods by a psychopath with a sharp object and that feeling hits you… This seems all too familiar. That’s what we call déjà vu and it’s one of the many negative side effects of time travel. There are three things you need to be aware of before traveling through time. First, don’t be a pervert. Second, listen when people tell you specifically what not to do. And third, nothing positive ever comes from bending the time space continuum. So follow those simple rules and you’ll realize Timecrimes is a well played sci-fi thriller that’s good to the last drop.

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