Wrong Path

I’ve spent the last month walking the wrong path and now that I’ve stepped off that path i’m finding it very hard to walk to walk the right path. A little more than a month ago I was on point, all of my writing was on point and I was in it 100%. During that time I had a opportunity presented to me that at the time was great. Now that I look back on it I should have generously declined and continued forward on the path I was already on. Now don’t get me wrong it kept me busy on a daily basis and I was writing on a subject I enjoy, but it pulled me away from everything else I was doing and I took opportunity’s away from myself  because I chose to solely focus on what I was doing.

I ultimately ended up stepping away from the opportunity but not before I had lost all focus on everything else I was doing and now i’m finding it extremely hard t even want to write anymore. People always say you shouldn’t have regrets in life but when it comes to the last 5 weeks of my life I truly have regrets. I abandoned everything I had achieved to focus solely on this new thing only to know from the get go that I was never sure it was something I wanted to do. I’ve allowed myself to put myself in this spot and it’s only up to me to correct it.

I’m trying to regain my motivation and move forward but it’s hard. I’m going to bite down and try my hardest to get things back to where they were and not look back on this bump in the road.

Jason Burum

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